Raw Chicken with Luke & Richard
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
"no fi ho wave "(more info)

Time: 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Name: boo u whore djs
Show Name: xxxBoo Who? Radio xxx
Tagline: Dirty minxcore, tech-step, trip-hop, fag-pop b-sides, edits, lots of bangers & little mash.(more info)

Tune In

Tune In

:: To Listen to Fleet FM On Your Radio

Fleet FM broadcasts on 88.3 in Central Auckland Fleet FM’s coverage area is currently focused around central Auckland. The main areas of coverage are Mt. Eden, Sandringham, Kingsland, Eden Terrace, Arch Hill, Grey Lynn, Newton and Grafton.

Remember however, Fleet FM is a low power station so coverage is not perfect. An aerial is normally needed to get thte station. They can be picked up for around $3 from any electronics store. If at first you don’t get it try adjusting your aerial or try to get the station on 88.25 FM.

:: Listen From This Page

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With everything working correctly you should be listening to fleet right now. If not try the links below.

:: To Listen To Fleet Online

Click on either of the following links

Listen to Fleet- Dial Up 32 kbps (Slow connection)

Listen to Fleet- Broadband 64 kbps (Faster connection)

IF THE LINKS DON'T WORK.... go into your media player (e.g. winamp, windows media player) and select "Open URL" from the menu and
if you have a dial up connection put in
if you have a broadband connection put in

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:: Studio Webcam

What is currently happening in the Fleet studio.

Fleet FM Studio